Men's Clothing Victorian Era


Men's styles in the Victorian Era changed less often than women's styles. They often wore long, tailored coats such as business coats, dress coats, overcoats, and frock coats. Sometimes a coat would be in a style called wasp waist which was very skinny. A frock coat was long and square in the front. Some relatives of the frock coat such as the morning coat were cute like a swallow-tail in the back. A business suit was also called a sack coat because of how baggy it was. This first came into fashion in the 1850s. Men's suits and coats were usually black or gray, as that was considered formal.  Sometimes a black scarf or tie was worn, and the shirts under the suits were usually made of white linen. Evening wear consisted of a white shirt, a black bow tie, a black vest, black pants, a black tail coat, and an overcoat. White gloves were also a big part of a man's outfit, as well as a high collar and a pocketwatch, also called a fob watch.


Farmers and poorer men wore things like sturdy wool, denim, and corduroy because of their tough working conditions. They had wool shirts, and then trousers, sometimes with suspenders. They also had tough boots for working in the field. They always made very good use of old or used dress clothes.